Dahlia Ntundi

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Almighty God, for bringing me to Royalhouse Chapel, SLM. I finally accepted an invitation to church after several attempts from my neighbour, and my life has changed. After losing my businesses, marriage, church and significant relationships, and most importantly my relationship with Jesus; I found myself in financial hardship, sick, heartbroken, frustrated, angry, flabbergasted and 7 months pregnant.

Pastor Alex, the leadership and the congregation members made me feel welcome at Royalhouse SLM after visiting one Sunday morning. I was picked up and dropped off after the church service. Whilst in labour the first lady “Mama Greg” prayed for me for safe delivery. The leadership of the church visited me at home with an over-running basket of nappies and gifts which was tremendous, I felt loved. I received help with my shopping trips, hampers during Christmas but more importantly it was the praise, worship and prayer which won me over. I started seeing immediate transformation as I gained back my relationship with the Lord and he started putting the pieces of my life back together again.

Through the intervention, counselling, and encouragement of Pastor Alex, I have submitted to him as my spiritual father. I have found Pastor Alex to approachable, understanding, and compassionate. This gave me the confidence to put my guard down and be myself with fewer complexities which were caused by my insecurities. I have since completed the foundation and discipleship course. I now serve as an intercessor and a member of the children’s ministry. I am attending the stewardship class and I am being restored by the Lord with many testimonies in between. SLM is my family and I thank God for the lives of everyone. Although I am a single mum (which I choose to keep away from sin); I am not alone in raising my daughter as my Christian family is always willing to help. Glory be to God for South London Mission.

Nora Gadzekpo

I joined SLM in 2013, at a time when many changes were happening in my family. My husband and I found acceptance, guidance and a home in SLM and our lives have never been the same again.

Today my husband, mother, siblings, nieces and nephews are all members of RCI and can testify to the anointing/ Grace upon the life of Pastor Alex Sackey. In our short time under his leadership and in RCI, we have had marriages, births, promotions and we are trusting God that many more testimonies are on their way. 

My husband and I are thankful to God for the Apostle General and Mama Rita, for the vision God placed in them which has changed our lives. We are thankful for South London Mission and the leadership of Pastor Alex Sackey.

Emmanuel Gabar

In April 2016, I celebrated 4 years at Royalhouse chapel - South London Mission, of which I am now a full member. I stepped into Royalhouse SLM as a man who was carrying the weight of a 7 year broken relationship, suffering lack and poverty and unemployed.

On my very first visit I was told “give us three months of your time and your life will never be the same again”. This statement has proven to be true in my life. SLM is a house of prayer. Everything that is taught or preached from the pulpit is 100% backed by scripture from the Holy Bible which is TRUTH, preached by our very learned resident Pastor, Alex Sackey with undeniable power and conviction.

The very first thing that hit me when I first attended was the atmosphere during the praise and worship, it was like nothing I had ever experienced, so much so that it brought me to tears. I did not know why I was crying profusely, I have come to realise and seen it so many times that it is the presence or visitation of the Holy Spirit that does this. GOD really does inhabit the praise of his people. I can honestly say our choir is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to bringing down the presence of the Lord. As for prayer I have learnt not only how to pray but also that prayer goes before, in the middle of, and at the end of EVERYTHING you do.

Finally, Royalhouse Chapel promises to create an atmosphere of love, caring and sharing, demonstrated through the numerous gifts my children and I have received. As a single parent, something that always touches me is the way people are celebrated. If you are searching for a place to worship GOD and where you can look on its members as your extended family, Royalhouse chapel SLM is the place to be, I pray I will see you here soon.

Nancy Jonah

Yes I have always been a Christian, but as a “so called” Christian I didn’t always do the things or the will of God. “Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord ... will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter”. What do I mean by the things of God? Let me use the 10 Commandment: You shall have no other Gods but me, You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it, You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy, Respect your father and mother, You must not commit murder, You must not commit adultery, You must not steal, You must not give false evidence against your neighbour, You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods and You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.

First of all I was doing a lot of the things my saviour forbade me to do. After coming to SLM, I notice a change in me, and my relationship with God. Why was that? That was because my Pastor was real with me from the beginning and he never sugar-coated the TRUTH about God to me. His words were always “Nancy Change… Keep yourself away from SIN”. Even though it was hard to hear the truth I didn’t give up because I realised and understood that the TRUTH was what will help bring my salvation. Overall, Royal House Chapel has thought me a lot, and after one and half years of being in the church God has thoroughly blessed me in many ways e.g. ( helping me finish University with an excellent grade and helping find a job straight after University etc…) the list is long. I am indeed grateful for making a decision to stay in the church. Royal House South London Mission has definitely solidified my faith and has helped me grow my relationship with God.


In summary, Jesus is the answer to your problems of sin. Your salvation is not what you were able to accomplish on your own, but it was purchased by Jesus on the cross (Titus 3:5-7). So accept God as your Lord and personal saviour and let him help you. JESUS IS THE WAY!!!


I started Royalhouse Chapel from the HQ, Ahenfie - Ghana in 2006, when my family and I relocated from Nungua to Kaneshie. Although my parents were prominent members of another Pentecostal church, they allowed me fellowship at Royalhouse Int.

A few years later, I was obliged by my dad to attend his church. In fact, it was very difficult to agree. Because I knew God had manadated me to be in RCI for a greater purpose. I didn’t have a choice than to follow my parent to their church because it became a big issue. But I never gave up on RCI. I always make sure I attend and take part in every activity like (Week of the altar, Armageddon fasting, Amour bearers, Convention of saints, etc) but except Sunday service. I kept on praying for God’s direction, little did I know that God was taking me to a place where I can’t be restricted from my freedom of worship and my destiny.

God brought me to the UK miraculously and guess what, now I’m a full member of RCI - South London Mission (SLM) under the ministry of Pastor Alex Sackey. Last year (2015), the World Movers Generations (Youth Ministry) were given the opportunity by our Pastor to exhibit our preaching talents. I was privileged to be selected. It was unbelievable what God used me to do on that day after I had watched the recording. So I forwarded it to my dad and surprisingly he shouted, knelt, cried and begun to thank God for my life. He gave a testimony in his church.

He said to me, I never thought you loved God, you have chosen the right path, be strong in the Lord and never give up on your faith. Today am very proud to be a full member of RCI SLM. I thank God for the life of my Pastor, his beautiful wife Mama Gregoria and the entire leadership of the church.

Derek Amerter

My experience at SLM.

The first time I entered SLM was for a visit. A friend that used to fellowship with us at a previous church invited us to have a feel of it. On arrival, the usher that met us at the gate was very polite and welcoming. We noticed was an intense prayer going on and the participation level was extremely high, I knew then that this was a praying church. We also noticed praise and worship was about to start. I was impressed by the atmosphere, the song selection and the coordination and organisation of the departments. The praise and worship was spectacular. I knew then I was in the right place. The word was impacting and made me think twice about myself and what I was missing. I realised that everything that was been done from the start of the service to the end was biblical which brought clarity. People rush up front anytime the man of God said something and they spend time at the altar to pray and sow a seed. It was new to me because I have not seen people rush upfront whiles the man of God was preaching. It was later explained, backed with scriptures and I understood the essence and importance of it.

After the service, I was met by various people who engaged me in a conversation as if they had known me for ages. It made me feel right at home. It was indeed a church of choice. They did not look or pay attention to my age but rather interacted with me and showed interest in what I had to say. Just like the 3 fold vision says; I felt all of these the first time I set foot in the auditorium. It was an amazing experience that has changed my life to this date. Having join Royalhouse chapel, I have seen my life transformed, my spiritual life increase, my prayer life elevated, my professional life moved into a different level and my commitment to the things of God. All because there is a Pastor that is simple, mentors, teaches and preach messages of hope, loves to pray and motivates people to pray, gives people the opportunity to exhibit their gifts and talents. Furthermore there is genuine love, unity and friendship.

“This is the church I wanted to join”, a church of choice.



In Feb 2009, when I first arrived at the auditorium of Royalhouse Chapel through the invitation of my then fiancée, now my wife, I was received and welcome as one of them and in a matter of minutes, the ice associated with being new in a congregation was broken.

After the celebration service (Sunday Service), I said to my fiancée “I do not know what is happening to me but I feel I have found a church of my choice and irrespective of what becomes of our relationship; I will become a bona-fide member of this church”.

I underwent the foundation and discipleship school as part of my transition process and it was only at this training that I ascertained the uniqueness of the Royalhouse experience which is embedded in the 3 fold vision of the church. Yes the praise and worship of Royalhouse is unique and peculiar, compared to all the churches I have been and it feels like 1 Peter 2:9 was tailored to suit the Royalhouse experience.

It is this experience that gives me the impetus to drive over 100 miles to church for over 3 years and still not waning because I have tried other churches and the nexus is just non-existent.

Also I have a plethora of testimonies associated to me being in house.

I would like to thank the good Lord for planting my feet in such a fruitful vineyard and it is my prayer that everyone who visits my church experiences what has kept me.


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