What to Expect


  • We really take our time to worship our God during our church services!
  • We really invest in the best of sound equipment, musical instruments and musicians to enhance your worship experience!
  • Our “worship” sessions are deeply engaging, inspiring and sometimes very emotional!
  • We express ourselves freely in worship without any hindrances or rigid code of worship!
  • We dance, clap, shout, jump, do dance routines (Royal Dance), use tambourines and more.
  • We have good bible based pure music: hymns, reggae, hip-hop, rap, funk, calypso, slows, raga, disco, traditional, contemporary, country, rock, and the list goes on – EVERYTHING!
  • Most people in Royalhouse Chapel joined the church because of our “worship”.


  • We live and breathe the Word of God
  • We adopt several preaching styles that suit all people of all ages
  • We use illustrations during the teaching of the word of God
  • We use humour in our sermons
  • Our sermons answer questions on people’s minds
  • Our sermons are simple yet powerful
  • We study the Word of God in all ministry group meetings
  • We conduct bible studies in all aspects of our church life and community engagements.
  • We have a Foundation and Discipleship School where we train people in the Word of God


  • We are a praying church
  • We have integrated prayer into all aspects of church life.
  • We pray in every meeting of the church, small or big.
  • We begin and end every meeting with prayer.
  • We believe in militant prayer and spiritual warfare!
  • We have all night prayer services quite frequently.
  • We pray for the needs of people and believe in a God who answers prayer.
  • We pray with the spiritually oppressed to release them from their suffering.
  • We invest time and resources into becoming a praying church.


  • We create an atmosphere of love, caring and sharing in all aspects of church life
  • We encourage godly relationships and networking amongst our people
  • We encourage ministry group membership where member's care is facilitated
  • We have made our church a home away from home
  • We are your new family of brothers and sisters of a great spiritual father and mother
  • We love everybody, no matter who they are and what they have done or do
  • We accept everyone just as they are
  • We sometimes spend time in each other’s homes when we can


  • We reach out to all people no matter who they are or where they come from
  • We preach the Gospel to everyone – everyone deserves to hear the Word of God
  • We reach out to people beyond the pulpit and outside of our church walls
  • We are involved in various philanthropic initiatives that have received international recognition
  • We reach out to the streets, towns, villages, prisons, hospitals, schools, shelters – everywhere!
  • We invest into getting the message of Jesus out to our community, nation and the world


  • Royalhouse Chapel SLM,
    Kingsdale Foundation School, Dulwich
    SE21 8SB, London, UK
  • Phone: 07939 098 927
    Office: 07432 031 192
  • Email: info@royalhouseslm.org