Leadership Development


Leadership Development Training is an initiative designed to identify, refine, equip and impart the people of God for kingdom work. It is the will of God that all will bear fruit – (John 15:8). It is important to note that Leadership is a very challenging lifelong learning and equipping endeavor. It is always "work in progress", it never ends. Thus, it cannot be left to chance but the right mix of fundamental materials and personnel must be nurtured and built up.

This training and development will equip you to become an effective leader in today’s ministry and work environment of change and learning. Additionally, you will acquire principles, practical skills, tools, techniques and attitudes that will guarantee your success as an effective leader.

Correct principles are like compasses: they are always pointing the right direction. And if we know how to read and follow them, we won’t get lost, confused or duped by any conflicting voices and values. Principles function at all times and in all places. They surface in the form of values, ideas, strategies and teachings that uplift, ennoble, fulfill, empower, and inspire people. The lessons of history reminds us that to the degree people, churches and ministries have operated in harmony induced by excellent leadership atmosphere with correct principles, they have prospered; and vice versa.

Materials and information thought on this course are extracts gleaned from Apostle General, messages, teachings and mentorship. Also, the Premier Lady Mama Rita and the General Secretary’s Rev. Dalkeith Amanor's messages, teachings and mentorship. Along side, other well recommended personnel and materials are also utilized. 

Only committed learners end up leaders (work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth - 2 Timothy 2:15). This goes to explain that there is no place in leadership and ministry for the proud and lazy.


  • The Authority of God’s Word
  • The RCI Vision
  • Holiness and Righteousness
  • The Dynamics of Faith
  • Loyalty and Disloyalty
  • The Importance and Power of Prayer
  • The Importance and Power of the Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Principles of Integrity
  • Ministry and Family
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Growing in Grace and Power
  • Principles of Church Growth

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